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I was way too lazy to write anything for a loooong time, but now I decided to blog new things again.
...and I changed the language... I'm going to try to write only English things now, because most of my German friends are fluent in English, but to Lexa German is only "hoisdhnk"...

I added some new Icons to the Gilmore Girls Icons - section (most of them are Rory/Jess-icons) and to the Other Icons - section (a Distillers-icon and a Pride&Prejudice Elizabeth-icon).

Well... today was a boring day, because I'm sick... but I'll post something new tomorrow, or the day after...
6.9.06 19:40


Our old PW-teacher came to our physics lesson today to tell us about the Poland-exchange that is supposed to take place this year...
I like exchanges and I thought it would be pretty cool, but I also thought he would tell us about who/when/how/why they were coming early enough for us to plan things.
For some it may still be 'early', but...
...he told us, the exchange students will arrive on the 21st.
Pretty soon, huh? ^^
8.9.06 19:07

I sent you a letter today
9.9.06 22:13

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