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Hey @ all the crazy people out there who are still reading my blog!
My life's pretty boRing and I haven't written anything in a (pretty long) while - so it's pretty surprising that you're still coming here to read my stuff. *g*
Yup, I'm talking to YOU

Okay. Lol. Enough Crazyness.

So... let's see what's new... what happened since my last posting...


1. As most of you (at least the ones I know and especially the ones I consider as friends) already know, my grandpa died in the beginning of February.
I will always keep him in my thoughts, but I guess I'm kinda over his death by now... of course it was - and still is - hard, but... life has to go on - even without him, right? *pout*

2. I had to go to Frankfurt am Main on the 3rd of March to do that so-called "SLEP-Test" (Secondary Level English Proficiency - Test)... It was pretty easy, although there were like three or four questions to which I had to guess the answers (haha. Somehow I didn't want to listen to that stupid tape anymore after fourty minutes *gg*).
Three days later, on Tuesday (the 3rd was a Saturday), I already received an e-mail with my result.
... I failed the test... seams like it wasn't that easy though...
Just kidding *gg*... I passed it. 63 of 67 point, which is like an A- (1-) ...

3. I finished my French story for that literature-competition-thing... it's called "Cinderauley"... Lol. I e-mailed it to where it was supposed to end up and the people there will read all the sent stories on Monday and will decide which on's the best. But... I guess... no one from my class will win.
Our teacher told us that we had to write AT LEAST 150 words, and now I read (somewhere online) that we were allowed to write AT LAST 120 words.
Pretty big difference, huh?
And now guess how many words I wrote...

4. And the last but not least new thing that comes to my mind right now:
I've got access to the world wide web again xD
My grandma bought this wireless-stuff and now I can use her internet-thing to come online - great, huh? xD


At everyone who's from Viernheim - or at least at everyone who plans on coming to Viernheim on Saturday or Sunday ( or both days *lol* ):
Don't forget to check out the "Viernheimer Creativtage"!
Just like last year, we will be in the "Viernheimer Bürgerhaus"... my Mom and I will be there again as well - with out little wool-shop...


P.S.: @ "Jess": I really hope that my grandma will be healthy again by the time the easter-holidays start *gg* - would be / will be a lot of fun again, huh?
16.3.07 15:24

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