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Kay... so... yesterday was the application interview with Frau Z. from eHighschool. There was no need to be nervous or anything. In the beginning, she told me everything about going abroad with eHighschool (about host-families, schools in the USA, people who have already been to the USA with eHighschool,...) and afterwards I could ask her some questions. Then, she gave me a sheet with 6 questions (actually, there were 4 questions, but two of them had a+b) which I had to answer in English. That was pretty much it.
If you compare it to the application-interview with GIVE for the PPP, or even with the EF application-interview for the Langenscheidt-scholarship, you'll see that it was way easier

& all I can do now, is waiting. She said, she'll send the information from our "interview" to the eHighschool-office. Afterwards I'll receive a letter from them.
10.12.06 11:23

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